Information Requests & Fees

Wayne County Public Library offers basic searches for non-cardholders that are unable to visit our Local History Room. Search fees range from $2 to 10+, per item searched. For example, 6 obituaries at $2 each would equal $12. This fee includes photocopies, search, and postage. Fees will not be refunded for records that are searched and not found. Checks or money orders should be made payable to WCPL and must be received for searching to begin.

Please note that fees are subjected to change without notice. All requests must abide by copyright regulations. The library reserves the right to refuse any requests that too lengthy or in-depth for our staffing levels to handle.

Requesting Documents
Please include along with payment, a letter stating what your name, address, phone number, and email address, if applicable. Please include as much information as possible regarding your inquiry, be sure to include names and dates of people and events, along with in what material the information it is believed to be located. Furthermore, please note that all items in the Local History collection are non-circulating and are not available through inter-library loan.

Please complete our search form (PDF) to find specific information. Please send requests to:
  • Local History
    Wayne County Public Library
    1001 E Ash Street
    Goldsboro, NC 27530
Examples of Suitable Requests
The following are some examples of suitable requests:
  • I need an obituary for Jane Doe who died in Goldsboro, NC October 1, 1942
  • I have heard that my uncle, John Doe is mentioned on page 16 of The Doe Family History, and I would like a copy of that page
  • I believe that one of my relatives, Bob Smith is buried in Wayne County. I believe he may be listed in one of the cemetery books, if so I would like to have a copy of the page
Examples of Unacceptable Requests
The following are some examples unacceptable requests:
  • I need everything you have on the Smith family
  • I need the 1st 2 chapters of The Doe Family History
  • I need the obituary for Jane Doe who died sometime in the 1920’s