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GOLDSBORO FURNITURE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. - This enterprise has been established for 27 years, and has therefore done its full share in promoting and advancing the manufacturing interests of Goldsboro. The business of this concern has been a great success. They are manufacturers of Oak and Mahogany Suits, Dressers and Chiffoniers, and make extensive shipments throughout all leading commercial centers from New York City to Los Angeles California. They operate a thoroughly modern plant, give employment to an average force of 100 people and turn out fine and medium grade furniture which finds a very ready sale. The officers of this company are Messrs. J. L. Borden, President, L. C. Secretary and Treasurer and A. J. Winslow, Superintendent.

D. H. DIXON - Wholesale Merchandise Broker and Distributing Agent. - Mr. D. H. Dixon, who is at the head of the business, has been established in Goldsboro for the past ten years. He does a very extensive business throughout the greater part of North Carolina, more especially in the Eastern and Central portions of the State. He makes a specilaty [sic] of car loads lots and handles grain, hay, flour, mill feed, meats, lard, molasses, etc. Prompt attention given to all orders - prices right and satisfaction guaranteed. Office at 105 West Center Street, South. Phone 134.

W. R. THOMPSON. - Mr. Thompson conducts an old and well established store at the Corner of East Center and Ashe Sts. and has Telephone connection 80. Mr. W. R. Thompson has been established in business for the past twenty years, dealing in all kinds of fancy groceries, confectioneries, fruits, produce, snuff, tobacco and cigars. He makes a specialty of fancy groceries and is very careful in the selection of his stock, that it may consist of the purest and best brands. Although Mr. Thompson was born in Raleigh, he has made his home in Goldsboro for thirty-three years and is well known and popular with the trade.

U. M. GILLIKIN. - Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fish, Oysters, Clams, etc. It can truthfully be said that no name in Goldsboro is more favorably known than that of Mr. U. M. Gillikin. He is not only prominent in business circles but also stands high socially and is a very active and influential worker in fraternal orders. He has been associated with the fish and oyster industry of Goldsboro for the past seventeen years, and until March, 1914, was Manager of a branch house of Chas. S. Wallace. Mr. Gillikin has a large business among the representative families of Goldsboro as well as the county. He occupies stall number two, City Fish Market, and has phone 97.

DURHAM HOSIERY MILLS, NUMBER 5. - Manufacturers of Domestic Staple Hosiery. - Goldsboro is proud of the fact that one of the large mills operated by this Company is located in this city, which gives employment to upwards of two hundred skilled operators. The plant is therefore a very valuable addition to the manufacturing interests of the city. The Company has been in operation here since 1908 and turns out a superior grade of domestic staple hosiery, which finds a steady demand. The product is sold chiefly through jobbers and wholesalers. Mr. G. C. Johnson is the Manager of the business in Goldsboro.

EMPIRE MANUFACTURING COMPANY. - It may be said that this company has been one of the conspicuous manufacturing enterprises of Goldsboro for the past four years, and during this time has greatly added to the fame of this city as an advantageous manufacturing and distributing center. They have one of the largest and most modern plants in the Couth, which covers an area of about four acres of ground. This company gives employment to about 150 people in this plant, besides a large number of men in the woods cutting timber. They are manufacturers of Gum Veneer, Three-Ply Packing Cases and Pine Lumber, Flooring, Ceiling, etc. Extensive shipments are made throughout all parts of the country. This is an incorporated concern and the officers of the company are Messrs. A. H. Edgerton, President; N. O'Berry, Vice-President; H. Weil, Secretary and Treasurer.

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