Computers, Wi-fi, & Printing

1-Hour Computer Limit
Customers with a valid library card may use computers in the library for 1 hour each day. All of our computers are managed by a computer software system called CASSIE. This ensures everyone has fair and equal access to library computers.

When you log in to a computer with your library card barcode and PIN, the computer keeps track of time for you. You may use up to 1 hour per day (all at once, or in more than 1 session). An on-screen timer will help you keep track of your available time.

Anytime you are asked for your barcode you need to enter all 14 digits without any spaces. Most customers have been automatically assigned a 4-digit PIN that is the last 4 digits of their telephone number. Customers may update their account information and PIN at the Reference Desk. Public computers have Internet Explorer and Firefox for browsing the internet and Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

All residents within our reciprocal borrowing area are encouraged to apply for a WCPL library card. Visitors to our library who are not eligible for a library card may obtain a guest pass at any service desk to access the computers for 1 hour. Guest passes are issued on an individual, daily basis.

Public computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Certain computers are able to be reserved a few hours in advance through the CASSIE system. Catalog-only computers for searching for library materials are available throughout the library. Library cards are not transferable; each customer must use their own library card to access the computer.

Read the library's Computer Use Policy (PDF).

Computer Printing & Photocopies
Black and white photocopies are 10¢ per page. The library has a coin-operated copy machine that takes nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Black and white computer prints are 10¢ per page. Color computer prints are $1.00 per page. The printers do not directly accept change or dollar bills. Printing charges are added to the library card signed in to the computer; customers are responsible to pay for printing.

The library also has a scanner available to copy papers to save on a flash drive or to copy signed documents to email.

USB flash drives can be used with public computers. CD/DVD drives are available, but burning CDs or watching DVD movies is not supported. USB drives are available for purchase at the Reference Desk for $10.00 for a 2 gigabyte device.
Speakers are not provided on public computers. Customers may bring their own headphones. Headphones are available for purchase at the
check-out desk for $2.00.

Wireless Internet Access
The library provides wireless internet access to everyone. When you are at the library locate “WCPL” in your Wi-Fi network listing on your laptop computer, tablet or phone and choose to connect. This will connect you to the library's Wi-Fi network.  If you have questions, staff will be able to help on a limited basis.

At the present time the library does not provide access to printers for laptop users. Laptop customers can save laptop documents on a disk, open the document on a public computer, and then send their job to the printer.